The RRA PK participated on the conference “Odpad zdrojem 2020” (Conference Waste is a Source), organized by the NGO INCIEN. The conference focused on circular economy, including topics such as waste management, water reuse, energy reuse and circular construction.   
The conference program responded to current challenges comprising: drought and water management, meeting the objectives of the circular economy package, waste prevention, efficient sorting and recycling of waste with the use of secondary raw materials, implementation of smart technologies into the practice of cities and municipalities and work with them, searching for real efficiency in the management of resources and energy.
The workshop was divided into two days; the first day included presentations on circular public procurement, waste, water and energy, while the second focused on thematic workshops.

Green public procurement (GPP)
According to the Circularity Gap’s study, only 9% of the materials they use are currently being put back into circulation. In the conference, they also appealed to the closure of material flows and to the change of the linear model of the economy to a circular one. In the Czech Republic, around 600 billion crowns are invested annually in public contracts. Circular economy applications can have a significant ecological potential for the area. GPP is one of the priorities of the Green Agreement for Europe, and will play a major role in the future. In connection with this topic, a brochure entitled "How on Circular Public Procurement", prepared by the Kroupahelán law firm, was christened here.

The conclusion and outcome of the whole conference was in the spirit of the slogan "it is necessary to learn", it is necessary to educate, let us learn from each other and share good but also bad practice with the circular economy topic.