The CONDEREFF project is in its tenth and final semester, which will end on 31 May this year. The last steering committee meeting took place on 9 February, this time in Larisa (Greece). It was also conducted online for those members of the consortium who were unable to attend in person. After the final CONDEREFF dissemination event that took place on 3 November in Valencia (Spain), this would be the last time that the consortium partners would meet in person with the intention of assessing the obtained results and commenting on the final steps for the closure of the project.

After the reception at the Larissa region premises, the meeting started with the presentation of the coordinator Elisa Peñalvo about the expected and achieved outputs and goals and ways to improve these indicators further were discussed. Some deadlines and economic issues were also discussed for the last financial report of the project.

Next, lead communication partner AURA-EE showed the figures in the dissemination results. And according to what was discussed, news will soon start to appear on the project's website and social media about the results of the different action plans of the project.

After a short break, each action plan has been discussed partner by partner, which are already fully implemented in most regions. It was a wonderful experience to witness what had been achieved thanks to the CONDEREFF project in each of the regions after these 5 years of the project working together.

Finally after the meeting, the partners shared a dinner together and left open the possibility for future collaborations.

Our farewell was an “au revoir”, not a goodbye!