The Regional Meeting of the 17th September 2020 gathered a vast majority of the local stakeholders. The Governor of the Region of Thessaly, Konstantinos Agorastos stressed the importance for the Region to turn towards the circular economy.
Regarding the CDW, at the local level, in collaboration with the Technical Chambers of Central and Western Thessaly and Magnesia Branch, the Region of Thessaly has started a series of discussionsin order to be up to date as regards any new developments in the relevant legislation and to identify problems that may arise during its implementation.
The main issue discussed in the meeting was the present situation in Thessaly regarding CDW.
Questions raised were:
  • Is the legislative framework completed? Is there a market for recycled C&D Waste?
  • Is there a lack of C&D WTP? What is the general mentality in the construction sector about C&D Waste?
  • Is alternative management of C&D Waste really mandatory?
  • Are the estimated quantities of non-hazardous C&D Waste and ACW produced accurate?
Some of the conclusions of the meeting were following:
-There are not detailed data available concerning the exact amount of C&D waste generation, but just estimations, based, in most cases, on construction and demolition licenses.
-The estimation of the total quantities of C&D Waste produced needs to be based on the quantities declared by the treatment plants and the systems, so as to be more realistic.   
-There is a lack of C&D WTP. The Region of Thessaly has included the C&D Waste sector in the priorities of funding from the Operational Programme, regarding private invesments.
-There is a lack of inert C&D Waste (residuals after the treatment) landfill. The under revision Regional Waste Management Plan of Thessaly 2020-2030 is suggested to include the construction of a landfill for inert C&D Waste.
-The market for recycled C&D Waste is still small. The use (at a certain percentage) of recycled C&D Waste is suggested to be mandatory in the public works (Green Public Procurement).
-There is a lack of hazardous (ACW) landfill. Exported hazardous C&D Waste (asbestos) to Germany for proper treatment, is very expensive. The revised new National Waste management Plan 2020-2030 includes the construction of a national landfill for hazardous waste.