What's new in Czech construction? The first three-dimensionally printed house in the Czech Republic. It was designed by sculptor Michal Trpák in collaboration with Kateřina Nováková and Jiří Vel. The house passed the pressure tests at the Czech Technical University in Prague. 3D printing technology originated in the 80's, however, the first houses made via 3D printing began to emerge only in the last decade. In Dubai, for example, the first office building was built in 2016. The 250-square-meter house was printed in 17 days and built in 48 hours. PRVOK is the first Czech house purely printed using 3D printing. 

Technical points of interest

  •  The building is located on a pontoon, so it can be moved on water.   
  • The three-dimensionally printed skeleton is double-skinned. Holes were prepared in the upper layers allowing the use of a roof settlement, which is a clean wooden building.
  • The house can be controlled using a smart system via the application, the lower is connected to, for example, air conditioning, underfloor heating, lights, etc.
  • Thanks to the layering and fine coloring, the walls reminiscent the structure of wrinkled rock formations, which are covered with greenery. The element has a green roof, merging into a vertical garden in both sides, which enhances the natural impression even more.
  • The whole building is insulated, the authors use foam approaching its polyurethane composition.
  • The recirculation shower is equipped with a system that allows up to 90% water recycling. It is equipped with a set of sensors that checks the purity of the outflowing water 20 times per second. The one that is clean is returned to the circulation, first cleaned once more and reheated.
  • Some wooden elements, such as the bathroom countertop carrying the washbasin, are made of subfossil oak, which is dated to the beginning of the end of the Ice Age.
  • In Prvok, it is possible to notice an audio system, whose snail-shaped speakers are also printed in various directions, this time often from sand.