ENEA and Lazio Region, as partners of the project, are organizing the international workshop "Selection, permits and monitoring of C&D waste management sites and facilities", which will take place on November 15th in virtual mode.

The program includes two panels of interventions, one on the topic "Regulations, authorizations and controls" and one on the topic "Product certification as a tool to qualify recycled materials and boost circularity", followed by debate.

Two virtual visits to an inert CDW recovery plant and to its materials analysis and qualification laboratory in Rome (Italy), respectively, will complete the exchange of experience on authorizations and controls and on the procedures for the production of recycled aggregates of certified quality

To participate, please register at this link.

You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with the link to access the event virtual room on Microsoft Teams.

The aim is to support interregional knowledge transfer on how public authorities can appropriately license and monitor construction and demolition waste (CDW) management sites and facilities and can boost the use of recycled products.

Exchange of experience visits pose an excellent opportunity for regional stakeholders, policy makers, and experts to communicate, exchange ideas, discuss the regional issues and examine potential solutions for various social, economic, environmental, or other challenges concerning policy development. This type of activity can, therefore, play a crucial role in policy making and the implementation of potential advancements and/or change. The relevant discussions and hands-on experience can facilitate the involvement and possible contribution of key stakeholders in shaping policy action plans even after the project’s completion.