On May 2, 2022, the researchers Dr. Jaime Llinares Millán (Professor of the Department of Architectural Constructions) and Dra. Fabiola Colmenero Fonseca (Mexican researcher, incorporated to the UPV for the attraction of international talent, María Zambrano Grants); held the first dissemination meeting of knowledge gained in the project with external experts as part of the UPV Action Plan. During the meeting it was presented the tool to improve resource efficiency and regulation of C&D waste management "Toolkit" developed through the CONDEREFF project. This meeting was attended by important personalities from the Departmental Councils, representing the Association of Engineering Associations of Peru, experts and professionals in the area of construction and engineering, CDW waste management companies, and public authorities of Peru.

This type of exchange of experience enables the dissemination of the results obtained from the project as well as testing and covering other areas of opportunity and territories internationally in order to achieve maximum applicability of the results obtained, in addition to solving the diversity of emerging problems arising from the mismanagement of aggregates and construction waste by promoting the circular economy.

After the presentation, the experts stated that the developed tool could be very useful for the sustainable management of construction in Peru and could be supported by national disaster risk reduction policies. For example, as a means of contributing to the seismic safety of buildings, as well as contributing to contemplate regulations for the adequate final disposal and reuse of waste generated by this sector; formalising the aggregates extraction sector.