The Region of Thessaly organised its first regional stakeholders meeting.

The discussion was focused on:

- Current processes concerning the recycling of Construction & Demolition Waste

- Licensed sites for construction and demolition waste in Thessaly

- The role of the Hellenic Recycling Agency in the process of the management of the C&D waste

- Τhe EU Construction & Demolition Waste Management Protocol in combination with the Greek legislation: problems, challenges, need for changes in Greek law, regional requirements, etc.

- Explanations and instructions for the questionnaires

Conclusions of the meeting:

The legislation requirement are not applied. Existence of plots for the Construction & Demolition Waste (illegal procedure).  

There is a circular that sets out the existence of a specific budget for each project regarding the construction or demolition waste (costs for transport ect) but it is not applied.

It is proposed that there be an obligation for state/ regional building and construction projects to use a rate of recyclable materials of Construction & Demolition waste (for example 10%).

There are no fully reliable data for the total Construction & Demolition Waste and the recycled material from them for the Region of Thessaly.

The participants agreed to respond to the survey and any other research in the context of the program.