The Polytechnic University of Valencia organised a regional stakeholders meeting.

The meeting was focused on the presentation and explanation for the monitoring and control of the methodologies that are being developed:

A1.1 Comparative analysis of regulatory frameworks for C&D waste management and evaluation alongside the EU protocol

A1.2 Investigation of the economic potential of C&D waste and corresponding priority areas for regional C&D recycled

materials markets

A1.3 Analysis of the available and required C&D recycling capacity in the project territories

A1.4 Mapping stakeholder and public awareness, perception, and acceptance of C&D waste re-use potential and value .

Conclusions of the meeting:

At the present, there is a document about CDW management in the drafting phase of a construction or demolition project. However, this document is very basic and not very specific. It is convenient to change this document in order to make it into a more useful document in the process instead just a justification document. This document should be the input 1 for control and monitoring of CDW.

During procedures stage, it would be convenient to make an audit to check the proper implementation of CDW chapter. At least, it should be submitted and acceptance and a commitment letters by the waste management company. In this way, the company would be able to evaluate the project and the budget before obtaining the relevant licenses. This would mean an external control of the projects quality.

During execution phase, the responsibility should fall on the project management in a more exhaustive form, as it happens with the security and the health. Now the penalties by Environmental Protection Service are not very effective.

At the final phase, the control process should be closed by controlling the CDW processed.

The control should be:

Completely transparent

More concise avoiding free interpretation or acceptance by a technician or company

Implementation of incentives to reward the good practice and comply with the normative, make harder the penalties and make clearer the responsibilities.

Create the figure of an auditor of CDW to make sure that the good practice is executed like happen in other areas like Treasury.