Joanne Boachon, director of Minéka warehouse, an association which participates in the development of the reuse of building materials sector by collecting, auditing, proposing recommendations and facilitating access from supply to demand in the Lyon metropolitan area (within a radius of 50 kilometers).

Since the creation, 15 tons of reused materials have passed through the warehouse since its inception 3 years ago, observing a real enthusiasm for reuse. The warehouse collects the building materials and components dismantled on site during deconstruction work and evaluate the components potential for reusing and reintegrating them in construction and renovation sites.

200 members of the association benefit from materials in a catalog which are sold at a solidarity price : 20% below market prices. However, these materials are sold without insurance, they are mostly used for furniture or finishing work materials.

This association is a pioneer actor in the region in the region in the implementation of virtuous recovery solutions.