The Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV) organised the third regional meeting in Valencia on the 5th of December 2019.

This meeting was a fruitful exchange of experiences among stakeholders from different profiles of the CDW value chain. The main topic discussed this time was the best practices used in other countries and if these could be carried out in Spain. It was also commented some of the best practices in Spain and how stakeholders could improve their actions from their position.

Some of the most remarkable ideas presented were the role of an expert in RCD management or the updating on applicable regulations every 24 months, both carried out in some cities of Czech Republic; the French software to control all the steps and actors involved in the RCD value chain; the telematic control of RCD lots in Italy or the tax deduction for following the best practices in Austria. Another problem that came up was the lack of trust in the recycled material. However, one of our stakeholders appointed that his company was working to get the CE marking in the recycled material that they make for building, which would increasingly generate confidence in the quality of recycled material.

The meeting finished with good feeling since it appears the ties are getting closer and closer and stakeholders are more willing and interested in collaborating.