Action Plans,  Lessons learnt in CREADIS3 and  CREADIS3 toolkit

The outputs of CREADIS3 will support the establishment of Sustainable Smart Specialisation Creative Districts.

Beside the specific objectives of the project, CREADIS3 also aims to enable a policy learning process between the six partners, in order to inspire and improve their own policy strategies. As a result, the project delivers six Action Plans tailored by each one of the partners regarding their territories and respective policy instruments addressed. Nonetheless, it is interesting to imagine CREADIS3 as a whole: as an intelligent Cultural and Creative District with six nodes or hubs (the six partners) that collaborate within a shared and extensive territory. Each hub deals with its own territorial context, but based on shared objectives and contrasted situations, developments and experiences, enhacing integration of the territories within the Union.

Therefore, the report Lessons learnt in CREADIS3- From territorial Action Plans to smart specialization strategies in Cultural and Creative Districts presents a methodology to create a territorial action plan and underlines the contents of the individual action plans developed by each partner of CREADIS3 (section 2 and 3). It also offers a joint vision of the strategies and objectives of the action plans is presented through a multidimensional analysis, classifying all the actions or measures in a common typology or pillar, coherent with the main objectives which a Creative District might want to achieve, the impact that they have regarding the value chain, the costs, and GPs and strategies related to each action (section 4). Finally, a final section of conclusions and lessons learnt is exposed (section 5).

In conclusion,the final objective of this report is to systematize the actions and strategies proposed in a broad Creative District, based on diversity and efficiency of the analysed actions, providing them a range of proven strategies to enable more efficient CCIs policies in a shared European territory, and boost Cultural and Creative Districts in Europe and beyond.

The CREADIS3 Toolkit collects the relevant management and strategic tools that have been used throughout CREADIS3 project, and have been proved useful to advance, gain skills and knowledge to support the establishment of Sustainable Smart Specialisation Creative Districts.”

Good Practices Report on Governance and Ecosystems

The CREADIS3 project aims to enable a policy learning between the six partners (Slovak Republic, Emilia-Romagna, Central Finland, Wallonia, Western Greece and the Basque Country) in order to inspire and improve their own policy strategies.

On the basis of this vision, and in line with the EU Smart Specialisation strategies/S3, we can understand cultural and creative districts as elements of transformation, development and inclusion, based on intelligent, sustainable and creative environments. This first Report on Governance and Ecoystems is the synthetic result of the first year and a half of the project in each of the six cases analyzed.

Territorial Diagnosis and Mappings 

All territorial diagnosis, mappings and good practices are available online.