The Department of Entrepreneurship of the City of Rijeka has launched two new educational programmes - Startup Lite and Startup Creative.

They were launched to make entrepreneurship education more accessible to as many people as possible, with the aim of improving their entrepreneurial skills and competencies. The ultimate goal is to achieve easier self-employment and the empowerment of entrepreneurs while raising a favourable entrepreneurial climate in Rijeka.

Startup Lite and Startup Creative together constitute Action 2 of Rijeka’s Local Action Plan.

Startup Lite is intended for wannabe entrepreneurs as well as entrepreneurs who seek to acquire more knowledge. The programme consists of two inter-connective modules. The first module envisages workshops and lectures thematically oriented to the financial and legal aspects of business, while the second module deals with topics in the fields of marketing, sales, presentation skills and business expansion. In total, 13 workshops and lectures will be realised within the Startup Lite programme.

Workshops 1 & 2 of Startup Lite (Photo credit: Grad Rijeka)

Startup Creative will take place after Startup Lite: it is tailored to the specific needs of current and future entrepreneurs in the Cultural and Creative Industries. The aim of the programme is to improve entrepreneurial competencies, knowledge and skills, and provide insight into entrepreneurial practices to those operating in the CCI. It also encourages the exchange of experiences and networking of stakeholders from the this sector.

Startup Creative will build upon Startup Lite with five additional lectures and/or professional panels covering successful and inspiring practices from various creative industries, with special emphasis on digital ones: new IT-based media, video game development, photography and video production. Focusing on these is in order to promote and strengthen the local community of entrepreneurs, who will be brought together at their various stages of growth by the future incubator for creative technologies and IT industry “Energana”.

The press conference for Startup Lite and Startup Creative was attended by Marko Filipović, the Mayor of Rijeka, who noted that the main goal of numerous programmes implemented through the Department of Entrepreneurship within the Startup Incubator, as well as in cooperation with the Rijeka Development Agency Porin, is to create a favourable entrepreneurial climate and encourage entrepreneurial ideas. Over the years, a dozen new companies have emerged from various entrepreneurship programmes offering new employment opportunities in the city.

The full schedule for Startup Lite can be found here. Startup Creative schedule will be published next week. Both programmes are completely free for users and will be conducted twice a year, in spring and autumn, lasting about a month and a half.

Applications for participants are made via the official email of the Incubator [email protected], no later than two days before the start of each workshop. The maximum number of participants per programme is 50 people. Startup Lite and Startup Creative will be held in the RiHub space.

For the implementation of the Startup Lite and Startup Creative programs, the City of Rijeka has provided a total of HRK 33 000 (~ € 4 360) for 2022.

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