Read our Action Plans for the five regions of Leeuwarden, Matera, Rijeka, Timisoara, Kaunas.


New normal, new actions

Working directly with stakeholders from the Cultural and Creative Industry, our partners understood the impacts of COVID-19 on their region, the sector, and especially its start-ups. We explored, proposed, and tested new ways to revive and support culture, tourism, and entrepreneurship, such as:

  • A new educational module is now being offered by the city of Rijeka for free, open to anyone interested in gaining and/or sharpening their business tools.
  • A handbook for organisations in the CCI in Leeuwarden to succesfully apply to European-funded projects.
  • A hackathon for those working in the CCI, techonolgy, and business sectors to jointly develop solutions to their most current problems in Timisoara

... and many more to come!