The main aim of the Leeuwarden's Action Plan was to integrate the Cultural and Creative Industry (CCI) in the existing ecosystem. Two main sides of that ecosystem were identified: (1) the start-up side; and (2) the side focused on European project development. One of the actions is therefore directed at integrating and stimulating the CCI to initiate international cooperation. The practical guide developed by the Municipality of Leeuwarden and Business Development Friesland helps organisations in the CCI set their first steps in European cooperation and project development.

A practical guide to acquiring European funding for projects in the CCI

Europe does not only offer artists, museums, musicians and cultural organisations opportunities for cultural exchange and peer-learning. It can also be of great help to organisations regarding acquiring funding for projects they may otherwise be unable to set up. The European Commission’s Creative Europe programme is of particular relevance to CCI.

Before an exciting European-funded project on regional literature or sustainable festivals can kick-off, a much less exciting process of applying for grants must be completed. Such administrative and monotonous work does usually not belong to the talents of a designer or artist. Therefore, the Municipality of Leeuwarden has developed a practical, step-by-step manual. This document guides organisations and individuals in the Frysian CCI through the cumbersome process of successfully applying for funding at one of the European Union’s programmes.

Download the guide here: in Dutch | in English


Photo credit: Lucas Kemper