Project News

Policy changes inspired by ECoC-SME project


Overview of policy impacts of the ECoC-SME project in the five cities of...

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Best practices on regional SME support


The ECoC-SME project worked under the specific objective “SME competitiveness”...

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ECoC-SME project held our final meeting in Matera


The final dissemination event of the ECoC-SME project was weld in Matera, Italy...

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Piloting at full steam


Out of just another COVID-19 wave and immediately straight into the Ukraine war:...

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Handbook: Acquiring European fundings for the CCI


A step-by-step manual for successfully applying for European funding for the...

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Culture programme for Timisoara 2023 revised


Timișoara received good news from the European Commission on Culture regarding...

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New start-up educational program launched in Rijeka


The Department of Entrepreneurship of the City of Rijeka has launched two new...

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Basilicata Heritage Smart Lab – Ready, steady, go!


Materahub started the implementation phase of its approved Action Plan by...

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Action Plan Kick-off in Leeuwarden


One of the focuses of the ECoC-SME project is connecting the Cultural and...

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The heritage of cultural entrepreneurship


At the end of October, the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and...

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Timisoara: Cultural2Business Hackathon | Action 1


Timisoara’s first action Cultural2Business Hackathon began on August 23rd, an...

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Kicking off Phase 2


Earlier this month, our project reconvened to discuss the implementation of...

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