Project News

The 4th Regional Meeting in South Ostrobothnia


The 4th Regional Stakeholder Meeting held in South Ostrobothnia

Type: Project

3rd Meeting with Stakeholders in Lodzkie Region


The third meeting within the Regional Stakeholder Group took place in Radziwiłł...

Type: Project

German survey on cultural heritage in Saxony-Anhalt


FINCH German partner Developent Bank of Saxony-Anhalt launched an on-line survey...

Type: Project

National Heritage Board of Poland joins FINCH!


FINCH Polish Stakeholder Group - led by Lodzkie Region - is strengthened by a...

Type: Project

IE PLP Workshop on Financial Instruments


University of Turin, on behalf of FINCH partnership, attended theIE PLP workshop...

Type: Project

4th Interregional Workshop in Magdeburg


The 4th Interregional Workshop meeting was organized and hosted by Development...

Type: Project

100 likes reached by FINCH Facebook Page


FINCH Project Facebook page reached 100 likes (and 125 followers)!

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FINCH project presented at Innocastle meeting


RDA SW Oltenia, as FINCH project partner, attended Innocastle stakeholder...

Type: Project

1st Stakeholder Group Meeting at Region of Thessaly


The first Greek Regional Stakeholder Group Meeting took place on 21st of May...

Type: Project

2nd Stakeholder Meeting in South West Oltenia


Finch Partner – RDA South West Oltenia - organised and hosted the second...

Type: Project

The Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider!


The Italian Stakeholders Group grows wider with a new member: Museo Egizio just...

Type: Project

FINCH Brochure with Finnish taste!


Discover more about FINCH Project and the cultural heritage in South...

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