As previously announced on FINCH website, in October the Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia organized a Cultural Café entitled “Rough talk about financing” with 53 participants. In connection with the event, the “Financial Guide to Support a Vibrant Cultural Heritage” was also presented. The guide is meant especially for those, who are interested in the management and use of Cultural Heritage. Its aim is to encourage Cultural Heritage actors to explore opportunities to manage and nurture Cultural Heritage. With the help of the data and examples compiled for it, it is also easier to contact new types of potential partners and start new initiatives. 

The guide provides the reader with an overview of the management and use of Cultural Heritage. It also helps to interpret financial instruments, grants and other support instruments and related procedures as part of the development of Cultural Heritage policy in Finland. The guide examines the concept of Cultural Heritage, describes Finland's Cultural Heritage policy and the role of Cultural Heritage in the European Union, describes various sources of support and funding in Finland, and presents good practices related to Cultural Heritage funding in Finland, Italy, Germany, Poland, Greece and Romania.

The financing guide has been produced as part of the implementation of the Regional Action Plan developed for South Ostrobothnia region in the Interreg Europe FINCH project (Financing Impact on Regional Development of Cultural Heritage Valorisation). Regional Council of South Ostrobothnia is the responsible project partner in Finland, but a wide range of cultural organizations and communities in the region have contributed to the guide and implementing the project. 

Link to the guide (in Finnish only) :

Photo credits: Katariina Vestergård.