March 2022 marked the end of the works at “Constantin Brâncuși” International Center, a unique tourist and cultural objective built in the courtyard of the Art Museum in Craiova, funded under the Regional Operational Program 2007-2013, whose beneficiary is Dolj County Council.

The Art Museum of Craiova - visited by FINCH partnership during the 2nd Interregional Workshop meeting and nominated as one of FINCH good practices - is a historical monument located in the former private Palace of the Jean Mihail family, built between 1900-1907, following the design of the French architect Paul Gottereau.

The surface glass prism of “Brâncuși” International Center, designed by the visionary Romanian architect Dorin Ștefan, turns the museum complex into a unique one. Being 12.6 meters high and consisting of 31 pieces of glass, 336 horizontal glass slats and almost 700 aluminium links, the prism represented the great challenge of this work.

"The works on the Center's gallery have been completed, and the land area around the glass prism has been landscaped. In order to highlight the ovoid construction, Dolj County Council will take care of landscaping the entire courtyard of the Art Museum. In parallel, specialists are working on the concept of digital art and exhibition inside the gallery. Once these stages are completed, we will be able to enjoy a unique cultural and artistic attraction in the world", announced the President of Dolj County Council, Mr. Cosmin Vasile.

We remind you that the Interactive Tourist Center dedicated to the great Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncuși includes an underground gallery of almost 1,200 square meters, with speech and creation workshops, performance, conferences and exhibitions halls.

The spectacular glass prism that stands on the surface can be reached by the help of a panoramic elevator and is highlighted by architectural lighting at night. It contains a large-scale interpretation of two of Brâncuși's iconic works - The Ovoid ("Ovoidul") and The Master Bird (“Măiastra”), which can be perceived only from inside the prism.

The museum complex will be officially opened soon, so stay tuned to find out the great news first!

Photo credits: Cosmin Vasile