At the beginning of July it has been published on the Interreg Europe web portal the document “Built Cultural Heritage – Integrating heritage buildings into contemporary society”  

There is a strong case for protecting, preserving, maintaining and valorising cultural heritage assets, given their significant intrinsic and instrumental value. This document explores successful approaches and solutions (also at financial level) to support Regional and Local authorities – at strategic and implementational level – in the challenges of ensuring sustainable management and adequate protection of the cultural heritage on their territories.

This Policy Brief is the result of different activities promoted and implemented by Interreg Europe Policy Learning Platform Experts such as:

  • dedicated thematic workshops and webinars on cultural heritage and sustainable tourism 
  • good practices evaluation and validation as shared and added resource of the interregional cooperation at European level 
  • a continuous exchange with Projects Partners cooperating on built heritage of cultural and historical value in the framework of Interreg Europe Operational Programme 2014-2020. 

FINCH Project has been actively involved in the above mentioned activities and is happy to have been included in the Policy Brief with the following Good Practices:

All other valuable and interesting FINCH Practices can be explored in the “Good Practices” section of FINCH web site or in the Policy Learnig Platfom Database 

Enjoy your reading!!!


Photo credits: Pexels