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Proposals to promote the use of FI in RES


Proposals have been developed to promote the use of financial instruments in the...

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Fund’s good practices recognised in Europe


The Fund’s good practices in co-financing energy efficiency and RES projects...

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The Fund’s Action Plan for FIRESPOL project


The European Commission accepted and adopted the Action Plan of the Fund...

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Webinar on Energy Investment hosted by SRA


Irish Partner Southern Regional Assembly (SRA) has an ambitious vision of...

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Plan, Action, Ready!


Through the RSES the Southern Region has an ambitious vision of becoming one of...

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Supporting RES investment in Lubelskie


Lubelskie Action Plan is born thanks to the opportunity of exchanging ideas and...

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Introducing FI to finance RES in Latvia


Within the framework of FIRESPOL, MoEPRD is improving the policy instruments by...

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A Hessian Action Plan


In late summer 2020, the LEA LandesEnergieAgentur Hessen (State Energy Agency),...

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New projects after the first RESS auction in Ireland


Irish Government approves renewable energy auction results - solar, wind and...

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The advance of biomass in Extremadura


Biomass generates energy to supply 25% of the population of Extremadura.

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Energy efficiency and RES projects in Latvia


A report summarising investments in energy efficiency and renewable energy...

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The use of FI in the renewable sector


This news item compiles the main ideas shown in the article launched by the EIB...

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