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Scaling up European SMEs


FRIDGE project involved in a thematic workshop on Scaling up European SMEs.

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3rd FRIDGE Newsletter out now


The third FRIDGE project newsletter covers news from the third and fourth...

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VIDEOS: Food Sector SMEs from Harghita county


Watch short videos of food sector SMEs from Harghita County.

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Results of the 4th FRIDGE Joint Workshop


PRESS RELEASE: Harghita County Council hosted the 4th FRIDGE online Joint...

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Heading towards Action Plan development


In February the FRIDGE partners have taken their first steps towards action...

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Wrapping up the 3rd semester: 1/2


The article sums up the third project semester and includes greetings from...

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Wrapping up the 3rd semester: 2/2


The follow-up article includes greetings from the last three partner regions for...

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Impacts of the EU protection of origin labels


A new study on the economic impacts of the European protection of origin labels...

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Small food industry SMEs face similar challenges


Joint Workshop organized by project FRiDGE offered Good Practices to help local...

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Comparative analysis on FRIDGE regions’ food sectors


The comparative examination compares the regional policies, territorial needs...

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Regional Food Brands in FRiDGE regions, Part 3


In this article we present good example from Szekszárd, Hungary where a lot of...

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Regional Food Labels in FRiDGE Regions, Part 2


In this article we will present two more examples of regional food brands and...

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