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Limits of socio-economic activities in PAs


The Open Dialogue "Limits of socio-economic activities in PAs" was organised at...

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Interesting Worshops on Protected Areas management


A series of Workshops in line with the objectives of the IMPACT project will be...

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IMPACT project presented at Littoral 2017 conference


Ramūnas Povilanskas presented IMPACT Project and its Impact on Coastal and...

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Stakeholder meetings in Andalusia.


Several Stakeholders meetings in the framework of IMPACT project took place in...

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Photo-gallery /Interregional meeting Molise Region


Photos available from the 3 day meeting in Regione Molise

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2nd Interregional meeting in Regione Molise


IMPACT celebrated its 2nd interregional meeting in Regione Molise. The meeting...

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Interregional Round Table with Stakeholders


Stakeholders participated in a Round Table on Sustainable socio-economic...

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Nature Park Label and its value


Interview to Óscar Gómez - Al Jaque Jams

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N2000 sites & green jobs


An increase of 1.4 million green jobs in 10 yrs is expected in the EC

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PAs and their benefits for local business


Interview to María José Galindo - El Bosqueño Cheese Factory - Grazalema Nature...

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Stakeholders from SYMBI project want to join IMPACT


IMPACT LP participated in the SYMBI project - on resource efficiency-...

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Webinar Visitor management on Transboundary parks


Two examples of how Transboundary Parks are cooperating to achieve a...

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