On November 9, 2017, INCDT (Romanian National Institute for Research and Development in Tourism) organized in Bucharest an awareness workshop and a working group meeting with stakeholders within IMPACT project.

Representatives of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, Rodna Mountains National Park Administration, Vânători Neamţ Nature Park Administration, Iron Gate Nature Park Administration, Hațeg Country Dinosaurs Geopark Administration, RNP ROMSILVA, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds took part in this event. 

During this meeting the INCDT representatives made:

- a short presentation of the IMPACT project: the main objective of the project, the activities and expected results, the main achievements of the project;

- a detailed presentation of all good practices identified by the project partners.

During the discussions that followed the presentations it was concluded that there are some good practices that can be introduced in the Romanian Action Plan and implemented by the stakeholders in the project as it follows:

- Paths and ICT apps for self guiding tours in Biosphere Reserve “Alto Molise”, good practice represented by Molise Region (Italy), is of interest for Natural Park Vânători Neamț.

- CucinAcost0 – Cooking lessons for young cookers apprentices (from high school) on how to cook edible wild plants, good practice represented by Molise Region (Italy), is of interest for Nature Park Vânători Neamț, National Park in Rodnei Mountains.

- “Percorso dei Sensi” – Path for disable people with aromatic plants to touch and smell – Botanical Garden of Capracotta, good practice represented by Molise Region (Italy), is of interest for Hațeg Country Dinosaurs Geopark Administration.

- Awareness-raising among high school students, 15 to 18 years old, with respect to regional biodiversity, good practice represented by ENRx is of interest for: Hațeg Country Dinosaurs Geopark Administration, Rodna Mountains National Park Administration and for Vânători Neamț Nature Park Administration.

- Improvement of the perception of the local population towards the Natural Parks, good practice represented by Regional Ministry of Environment and Spatial Planning of Andalusia is of interest for the Romanian Ministry of Environment.


In addition, there have been discussions about the issues regarding implementation mode and the sources of funding available for the implementation of the Action Plan from the 2nd Phase of the project.

Stakeholders were informed that the existing good practices could be improved by the end of November 2017. They were also informed that in the coming period (early December), an assessment of good practices will be carried out in order to select some them to enter in the Policy Learning Platform.