Thanks to the IMPACT Interreg Europe project, partner #6 ENRx has  successfully achieved to change a policy instrument for the whole Hauts de France Region. 

The change is related to the implementation by the regional authority of a new  regional program called « Un million d’arbres en Hauts-de-France », directly inspired from their action 2.1 "Plantons le décor", which was approved as on of the Good practices of the project : Support for the production and sale of local plants.

This program is based on the technical specifications of "Plantons le décor" and have the same goals: to plant local trees with the partnership of local authorities and associations.

The Region "Hauts de France" worked in the writing of this program at the beginning of this year, and announced the launch of the project 3 months later. Now, the calling project period is open until the 15th of august 2020.

The regional authority asked the support of ENRx in this project, to benefit from the experience of ENRx obtained during the Impact Interreg Europe project.

With the Impact Interreg Europe project, ENRx had the opportunity to develop new partnerships with some local authorities scattered in the "new regional perimeter" of Hauts-de-France, which was not mobilized over this subject in the past.

This new will, at the local level, has demonstrated to the regional authority that there was an opportunity to propose a new regional program about tree's plantations, which offers the possibility to develop biodiversity but also economic activity with the involvement of trees nurseries.

Specific meetings were necessary with the regional administration and tree nurseries enterprises to share the new approaches that will be proposed (list of local trees, technical specifications for the local projects, technical support offered to local authorities to elaborate a project) and establish the calendar of the new program implementation.