The 5th stakeholders meeting of Molise Region, partner of the IMPACT project, was held in Guardiaregia, Campobasso, on December 12th 2017. 

The session was opened by Mr. Sorrentino FATICA, IMPACT project Manager, who made a  presentation on strategic importance of stakeholders participation in projects activities, summarizing their contributions received up to now, the activities in which they have taken part, and the outputs of their cooperation. 

The Key issues of the Meeting :

1. The IMPACT Action Plan: Purposes, Actions and Progress

2. The participation of the OASI WWF Guardiaregia ‐ Campochiaro Reserve to the  project activities 

3. The good practices identified by the project partnership: stakeholder contribution for  the identification of the Best Practices for the Policy Learning Platform of the INTERREG EUROPE Program 

4. The Pilot Project MATESE as Strategy for Internal Areas: stakeholder contribution to  the identification of possible actions object of the IMPACT Action Plan.

The proceedings of the meeting can be found here.