The 7th Stakeholders meeting of IMPACT Project in Regione Molise took place at the Ex Chapel « San Gaetano » in the Municipality of Roccamandolfi(IS) on March 15th, 2018 and it was organized in cooperation of ITALIA NOSTRA Onlus and with the Roccamandolfi Municipality.

The event was an useful tool able to collect suggestions and opinions about the contents of the Action Plan to be finalised within the end of March 2018.

During the meeting the project staff had the opportunity to know promotion actions planned by the Municipality in order to support a sustainable exploitation of Nature Resources existing in its territory, also through integrated actions aimed to exploit local traditions and culture.

It was also useful to know the several steps followed by Italia Nostra Onlus Association in Molise Region for the identification of areas deserving preservation actions and Italia Nostra Representative of both the Molise Region Provences communicated to participants ongoing actions that could be complementary to IMPACT Action plan executions.

Minutes of the meeting here