On 14th of August 2018, on the occasion of the three-fold celebration 

the Vanatori Neamt Nature Park (INCDT's stakeholder in IMPACT project) brought the attention of the public to different initiatives implemented to promote the socio-economic development of the protected area. 

In this event, Vanatori Neamt Nature Park implemented two actions of the  INCDT Romanian action plan

  1. Action 2.1  - "Using of wild edible plants in cooking on the Vanatori Neamt Nature Park area - Summer in Dishes”. The event focused on the summer culinary plant species, where experienced local chefs showed young people how to cook traditional dished with summer ingredients. This action got inspiration by the Good practice CucinAcost0 - Cooking lessons about wild edible plants for young cookers apprentices brought by Regione Molise stakeholder - Consorzio del Giardino della Flora Appenninica during the Phase 1- exchange of good practies.
  2. Action 5.2. “Bison Land 360 mobile application”, which provided the necessary information regarding the stay in the Bison Land Ecotourism Destination.

 Representatives of the local authorities, Bison Land Association, local producers and other partners and collaborators of Vanatori Neamt Nature Park  were present at this event.