Within the Annual EUROPARC Conference that will be hosted in the Cairngorms National Park (Scotland) from the 18th - 21st September, the largest European conference on Protected Areas, IMPACT Interreg Europe will be presented at Workshop #11 Green Jobs for all!  Is it time to promote socio-economic development of protected areas to retain our young people? How to do it and what would be the limits?

The preliminary Agenda for the workshop is as follows:

1. Introduction of the topic and quick overview of the IMPACT INTERREG EUROPE project  

Teresa Pastor Ramos, Project and Policy Development Manager, EUROPARC Federation

 2. Case study 1. Cairngorms National Park (Scotland): Economic Strategy 2015-2018 and Partnerships Promotion to boost socioeconomic development in Cairngorms National Park  

Murray Ferguson, Director of Planning and Rural Development, Cairngorms National Park Authority  

 3. Case study 2: Scotland  : Promoting youth employability and involvement in Nature through the John Muir Award.  

Toby Clark, John Muir Award Scotland Manager 

  4. Case study 3: Catalonia : Odisseu Leader project. Attracting young talents to rural areas.   

Teresa Castellà Gardenyes, Local Action Group Alt Urgell-Cerdanya, Odisseu project coordinator