A Call for Change in Rural Communities and Protected Areas

The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto is a source of ideas and inspiration for decision-makers in Protected Areas and rural communities to ensure the involvement and empowerment of young people.

Young people play an important role in looking after our Protected Areas: They are the decision-makers of tomorrow and they are capable to help leading the way to a sustainable future of our parks if they get the chance to have a say already today . It is vital that young people get involved in the governance of Protected Areas, so they can learn and in turn share their perspectives on the issues that will impact their future development and that of our natural and cultural heritage.

All young people have creative potential that needs to be fostered. Working in partnership with the youth in your region allows you to get innovative and create real opportunities with the youngsters to keep living, learning and working in their rural environment and communities; ensuring environmental stewardship and creating more dynamic and future-oriented communities.

A clear, consistent and coordinated approach to engaging young people meaningfully in rural communities and the natural environment is needed… 

…and this is where the EUROPARC Youth Manifesto comes in 

In spring 2018 a group of youth from across seven countries gathered to create the EUROPARC Youth  Manifesto, a document that shall draw the attention of Protected Areas, environmental organisations and rural communities to the challenges of their youth – inspiring them to meaningfully engage with young people in their area for tackling those challenges together. 

The EUROPARC Youth Manifesto points out the main challenges young people face living, learning and working in rural communities and Protected Areas, but above all aims to inspire and encourage decision-makers, public authorities and managers to take the first step towards practical involvement of young people. The youth is ready to do their bit, keen to engage in exchange to learn and work for in partnership with those governing our rural and Protected Areas: