A detailed report of the online study visit to Flanders has been published. The last study visit of Innocastle was planned to take place in Flanders, Belgium in May 2020. However, due to the Corona pandemic it has taken place online, divided across three dates.

The report can be accessed here. It consists of:

  • A report on the thematic seminar about a landscape approach to heritage
  • Key takeaways from Flanders
  • Report of the online policy hackathon 
  • Report of the last stakeholder meeting 
  • Analysis and proposed interventions for the The Flemish Decree of Immovable Heritage. 
  • Good practices identified so far

“We take a very specific approach to rural estates and this from a landscape perspective…What these estates represent as landscapes is very important.”
- Sylvie Van Damme – Lecturer and researcher, HOGENT-KASK

“The building must adapt to people’s lives, not vice versa….The use of the estate by people is important to me. I don’t think you can say today: I own 150 Ha of land, it is mine, stay away.”
- Etienne d’Ursel – Owner, Gruuthuyse estate

“What we will do in the area of the landscapepark Bulskampveld with the Immovable Heritage Masterplan, we want to be able to implement in other regions in Flanders as well”.
- Dries Claeys – Heritage researcher landscape, Flanders Heritage Agency 

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