Two representatives of the Innocastle project were attending the 'Europe Let’s Cooperate' event in Brussels on the 10th and 11th of April. We were happy to exchange ideas and practices from Innocastle!

Image via Interreg Europe

In targeted matchmaking sessions with regions struggling with valorizing local castles, manors and estates we addressed questions such as: 

  • How to support private owners?
  • How to involve local communities in the management of the sites?
  • How to create an area-based strategy for heritage valorization?

The second day consisted of thematic workshops in which participants from different project calls gave each other feedback.  The workshop touched upon matters such as mobilising stakeholders, transferring good practices (GP) & experiences from the study visits, and designing successful action plans .  Some tips that were offered during these workshops:

  • Organise more small meetings with only a couple of stakeholders (4-5) in order to better connect with them and allow for better communication;
  • The criteria for the Good Practices must allow for a good selection but also for flexibility;
  • Invite policy bodies to meetings, their point of view is valuable;
  • Action plans must be very precise; if possible, make concrete development timelines.