Energy communities have a central role in climate change mitigation, as well as in reducing energy poverty. Currently, the development of this type of organisation in Vitoria-Gasteiz has been very limited, so giving information and advice is a starting point to promote them. Consequently, last March, a participatory process began to encourage citizens, SME companies, freelancers, local shops, and other organisations to develop energy communities.

Through this information, advice and training process, City Council wants to provide to these agents the information and tools needed to promote energy communities in their neighbourhoods to reach a secure, just and inclusive energy transition. This process is part of the strategies around energy transition that are been developing by the Sustainability, Climate and Energy Service of the Department of Territory and Climate Action.

In the opening session, two experts explained to the audience:

  • What an energy community is,
  • The advantages of community energy,
  • New rights according to new legislation in the topic,
  • The legal alternatives in the process of creating a new one,
  • The type of activities permitted,
  • The type of technologies in the market and a
  • Showroom about success initiatives in a regional, national, and European level.

From March to June, during the second phase of the participate process, meetings in every quarter of the city, as well as in the rural area of the municipality, are being hosted. The intention is to provide more specific information about the start-up process of creating an energy community, explaining in more detail how to start this type of project, what obstacles may be expected throughout the process and how to overcome them.

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