The 2nd Thematic Seminar of the INTHERWASTE project took place on 7-8 June in Krakow, Poland. It focused on 'Selective Collection in Heritage Areas'. Good practices and policies on this topic were presented and discussed during this event.

WHEN: 8 June 2017, 8:30-12:30

WHERE: Municipality of Krakow headquarter, Plac Wszystkich Świętych 3-4, 31-004 Kraków

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Next seminar

The third INTHERWASTE seminar will focus on "Urban Integration in Heritage areas". It will take place in November 2017 in Ibiza.

For a summary of the first seminar, visit this page and read about a selection of best practices on waste deposit.


Use of a specific instrument serving separate collection

Management/Strategy related to selective collection scheme

Specific fraction