The Veneto regional councillor for economic development and energy, Mr Roberto Marcato, is meeting the local administrators to present the energy communities and to explain to them the path that the Regional Government has started from the law approved in July 2022 that promotes them.

Veneto wants to become more and more independent in terms of energy and it will do so through energy communities, with the involvement of the public and private sectors.

The councillor observed that the new Regional energy plan will see the energy communities as one of the cornerstones of development in the coming years.

"I am very happy with the success of these meetings," Mr Marcato remarked. "We are touring all over Veneto to promote the energy communities, an extraordinary tool and a strategic element for the regional energy plan. We are waiting for the implementation decrees to be signed at the national level; we want to involve the territory to be ready when the signature to constitute these communities, which will offer an effective response in terms of energy saving and energy efficiency as well as the use of renewable energy".

The Renewable Energy Communities are the basic idea of the IRENES Action Plan for Veneto. The document promotes Energy communities and supports their positive impact on general ecosystem services provision also by means of the calls of the Operational Program.