During this final meeting on Faial (Azores, Portugal) the partnership we divided our meeting time in three parts.

1. We got introduced to 3 very interesting Portuguese entrepreneurs. 

  1. Azores Trail Run, by Mário Leal (Faial) Azores Trail run tries to lengthen the turist season on Faial with organizing this Ultra Blue Islands event. From the natural blue of the ocean to the vastness of green from its forests and fields, the black sands of the last volcanic eruption that grew this island, to the pallet of colors man reflected on their homes are just some of the splendors you will experience on this journey. You will leave with a feeling of having travelled from the earth to the moon and back. You will be mentally stimulated, physically exhausted and personally rewarded only yearning to repeat this amazing event.
  2. Azores X and Startup Pico, by Roberto Lino (Pico) Turn Brands and People. Roberto believes that the future of the Azores involves the valorization of its products and services and not the increase in capacity. That is why our mission is to show that greater investment in marketing, branding, people and processes will create greater wealth and in a sustainable way. He wants to foster the creation of brands capable of generating more wealth, with greater margins and with less environmental and cultural impact. He is passionate about the Azores and what he does.
  3. Azores Fringe Festival, Terry Costa (Pico) In 2022 Fringe celebrated its 10th aniversary.
    ABOUT AZORES FRINGE FESTIVAL is the first festival of its kind in Portugal. Carried out by the miratecarts association, based on pico island. The Azores Fringe opens doors for artists and cultural groups of the island, as well as the region and the entire Portuguese territory, to do something a little different. We also welcome artists from abroad who are available to invest to reach us. The Azores Fringe has the epicenter based in the village of Madalena, but with satellite events in other locations and islands in partnership with several entities. The Azores Fringe gives a joy and visibility to the Municipality, the island and the Azores, which thus join this international network, the World Fringe, to present an artistic explosion.

2. Looking back at the project. What did we Learn?

Lessons Learned during this partnership

3. Islands Academy