On January 31 RTU iWatermap experts Jānis Rubulis and Dāvids Štēbelis where involved in Cleantech Latvia (https://cleantechlatvia.com) General Meeting of Members. RTU experts together with RTU Design Factory (http://rtudf.rtu.lv/) Project Manager Liene Briede did presentations about iWatermap project concept, financial opportunities for Industry – Academia cooperation. After the main event participants look around premises of RTU Design Factory and were introduced with technical opportunities and prototypes build for water industry.

In the winter period RTU iWatermap experts Jānis Rubulis and Dāvids Štēbelis did a first round of interviews from pre-defined local stakeholders. The total amount of Latvian stakeholders were defined during the projects Semester 1 in preparing The Assessment of the Critical Mass Development. Taking into account Bottom-Up approach in cooperation between Industry – Academia RTU experts choose few examples from different Quadruple Helix local players. Thus from company sector the interviews was performed with - Rešetilovs un Co Ltd (www.resetilovs.lv), Inducont Ltd (www.inducont.lv), Automation Engineering Ltd, Watex Ltd (www.udensfiltri.lv). They covered broad spectrum of topics – drinking water, wastewater treatment technologies and automatization solutions. Additionally was intervied representative of Cleantech Latvia (https://cleantechlatvia.com). From research and education sector interview was performed with Wageningen University PhD student Dainis Sudmalis. While municipality sector was covered by representatives from Rīgas ūdens Ltd (www.rigasudens.lv). From these interviews were done few conclusions regarding challenges in cooperation between Industry – Academia, information availability about public funds, research topics and employees profile defined by stakeholder.