Cluster CREA Hydro & Energy is a long-acting cluster working in the branch of technologies for water works, water and waste treatment a renewable energy sources. Members of the cluster collectively participate on research, product innovations and development, promotion of the branch, presentations and realizations of projects in Czech Republic and in other countries.

Cluster is currently focusing mainly on two water management projects, the iWATERMAP project and the pilot PoVE WATER project.

The iWATERMAP project from the INTERREG Europe program is currently finishing the 4th semester. Partners from the Netherlands, Latvia, Romania, Portugal, Spain, Greece and the Czech Republic are participating in developing the innovation policies to increase critical levels of innovation ecosystem in the water technology sector. On behalf of the Czech Republic, the project is solved within the cooperation of the CREA cluster, Mendel University in Brno and the South Moravian Region.

The project defines the water management sector as a target area. The importance of the sector lies in its ability to help meet the societal challenges associated with water resource management - water scarcity, efficiency, usage in other industries, recovery from wastewater treatment, etc. The industry has significant potential to generate innovative products and services that can be exported, and thus also contribute to creating growth and jobs in the region.

The first tangible results were achieved within the project, namely the development of 3 versions of the Roadmaps for the areas of human resources, internationalization and development of critical mass. Regarding the roadmaps, the 1st draft of the Action Plan has currently been completed, which specifies and sets individual objectives for the region of the South Moravian Region. The partial documents of the project include the regional self-assessment for the South Moravian Region, mapping and evaluating main challenges and goals for regional innovation strategies and identifying topics for subsequent solutions within the regional policy.


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