CREA Hydro&Energy is actively participating in the process of Exchange of experience through meetings, visits and close communications with other partners and regional stakeholders. During the first semester were created at least two teams. One is focused on monitoring and implementation of water management RIS3 and Strategy of South Moravian Region and the second one is focused on education in this field. Not only cluster is partner in the newly approved PoVE Water project, but partners among the region are currently searching for every educational material within this field and trying to create one, very specific and efficient material targeting high schools, universities and elementary schools. Cluster, in this upcoming semester, would like to address water issues to elementary schools, because we strongly believe, that is necessary to start at the very basic, elementary level. In this order, Mr. Petr Kupec initiated meetings and communication with principals of schools. As for the second aim, we would like to spread a knowledge to every governmental level in this region and try to increase awareness.

If we are able to accomplish our aims, triple helix will be more effective than ever. The cooperation within government, academia and companies would be harmonized. Even now, it is a great success, that we were able mix these very different fragments in society during the meetings. Positively, they were more than open to cooperate and spread the knowledge and ideas. It is a huge success and a big step in cooperation.