The overall information about the meeting organization, its theme and context were introduced to the participants. The main topic of ITW2 was “Technical aspects related with the HCH contamination”. The organizational aspects were explained including reasons for changing the form of the event from physical meeting to online meeting as a result of covid-19 pandemics.

Presentation of the experiences shared by the project partners

The content of ITW2 was presented. Attention was also given to the explanation of the unique virtual site visit of German partner in the Bitterfeld-Wolfen mega site. Conclusions from the presentations were shared. The involvement of Czech example of remediation of the Klatovy-Luby site was also presented. After presentation of the content of ITW2, discussion on transferability of knowledge and experience into the ecosystem of South Bohemia region was held. Special importance was given to the fact that even though South Bohemian region doesn’t face any current problem with sites contaminated by HCH it should be actively prepared in case some hidden storage or site will be discovered in the future, since Lindan was heavily used in the region in the past.