The aim of the meeting was to present the proposal of the Action plan by the IZSLT (6-PP Experimental Zooprofilactic Institute of Lazio and Toscana M. Aleandri) to the stakeholders and the need to obtain a formal approval by the Competent Managing Authority .

IZSLT opened the meeting presenting the aim of the Lindanet project and the progress made so far. In particular the relevance of the experiences exchange among European partners. They informed the stakeholders on the meaning of an Action plan, according to the Interreg Europe regulations. Then they explained the proposed Action plan: a scientific study on the the absorption of HCH by edible vegetables in polluted areas. The action plan aims to verify whether the vegetables can absorb HCH in the edible part. It foresees to plant experimental gardens and to collect spontaneous vegetables and to process in lab the vegetables quantifying the pollutant. Since the partner in this case is not the managing Authority, we had to ask for an approval. The Region specified that, even if agrees with the idea of the Action plan, it cannot authorises the technicians of the Institute to enter and operate in private territories or in territories under the control of the Municipalities (see the Action plan).