On December 13, 2022, the Riga Planning Region, in cooperation with the Latvian Rural Forum, organized a meeting with local action groups of the region. 

At the meeting, the representatives of the Riga planning region informed about the new development documents of the planning region and the potential cooperation framework, current events in the implementation of the project, outlining the cooperation of local action groups. The representative of the "Cherish" project informed about the actualities of the project, the developed Action Plan, and directions of cooperation, while the expert of the "Local Flavours" project informed about the potential tourism development projects and actualities. The representative of the "Daugavkrasts" association presented actual processes for planning period 2023-2027 in the implementation of the LEADER approach as well as in the local action groups of the Riga planning region.

During the meeting it was discussed about next steps of cooperation in development planning, project preparation, coordination of tourism activities and the planned direction of development of local action groups, developing development strategies. After presentation session it was discussed how to strengthen and support local municipal communities, creating preconditions for the development of successful tourism and coastal fishing culture historical heritage development projects and the involvement of local communities in creating the identity of places, cooperation with municipalities, promoting support mechanisms and linking them with municipalities and the Riga planning region development documents more fully.