Pierīga (around Riga) Tourism Association in cooperation with Pierīga municipalities in the Riga planning region and PostNos have planned four cycle routes. 

Thanks to the railway, it takes less than an hour to get to even remote points of Pieriga, moreover, considering the current situation when the prices of energy resources are increasing, traveling by train and bicycle is not only fast and healthy, but also profitable. Routes are designed to be completed in one day, guiding the rider on the safest possible routes while incorporating the most exciting sights. The routes are designed for both athletes with baggage of experience and leisure riders who want to enjoy a holiday outside the hurried daily rhythm.

The 60-75-kilometer-long routes created for everyone's abilities and tastes are planned along lesser-known asphalt, gravel paths and trails. In the PostNos application, the start, route line and various informative points marked on the map will be available - attractions, catering, accommodation, other useful places. In general, the routes are not planned as just a one-time Cycling Adventure event, but as a potential permanent "Riga cycle-bypass" or the regional Pieriga cycle route. During the route, the participants will be invited to answer questions that will provide the organizers with feedback for the creation of a high-quality regional route end.

These routes will allow you to see not only Pieriga, but also the metropolis of Riga in a different way, filling the empty squares with values that only a few people knew existed. The variety of landscapes and experiences on the routes is amazing - the sea, lakes, rivers, museums, promenades, parks and forest parks, forests, fields, cities and much more. The total route of 280 kilometres will connect Pieriga in unusual directions, showing how it is possible to travel around Pieriga by train and bicycle!