The MONITORIS3 project is now facing its final phase, scheduled for September this year, after 5 years of joint work by the 6 partners, led by the Galician Innovation Agency.

The main objective of the MONITORIS3 project, financed by the Interreg Europe programme, is to improve the implementation, follow-up and monitoring of regional development policies and programs based on innovation and smart specialisation. During this time, the partners have been able to identify and analyse good practices in the monitoring smart specialization strategies at interregional level, selecting the most outstanding ones as models for the action plans that were developed in the second phase of the project itself.

Action plan

In November 2021, the partners held a final global meeting to discuss the details of the project. At this meeting, they agreed to highlight, first of all, the important effort made by all the agents involved to complete the project under the difficult conditions that arose as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

At this meeting, they also shared the conclusions obtained throughout the project and agreed to highlight the important information obtained from the implementation of the 6 action plans.

The action plans have been works of a practical nature with which to implement monitoring systems in different projects linked to smart specialization. Thus, in each of the plans, specific procedures were developed and implemented, based on previous experience, to support the beneficiaries of RIS3-related aid. In addition, evaluation questionnaires were carried out, entities were helped to access grants, feasibility tests were prepared based on quantitative and qualitative indicators, the monitoring system was disseminated and the languages were adapted to reach all interested audiences, among other actions.

For the partners, the development of these action plans has been very positive in their regions, achieving in some cases a significant increase in the contracting rate of technology transfer and innovation projects in 2021.

Project Partners

Galician Innovation Agency (GAIN) (ES)

Regional Development Agency of the West Region Romania (WRDA) (RO)

DUNEA IIc – Regional Development Agency, Dubrovnik and Neretva Region (HR)

Veneto Region – Research and Innovation Section (IT)

Nordland County Council (NO)

National Innovation Agency (PT)

Norte Regional Coordination and Development Commission (PT)