AVILA is proud to share with all of you an important outcome for us coming from NIGHT LIGHT project, such as the obtaining CERTIFICATION OF RESERVE STARLIGHT FOR GREDOS REGIONAL PARK – AVILA

it has been a long path plenty of challenges, but achieving this goal Avila County Council accomplish with:

- Decrease LIGHT POLLUTION (Policy Improvement in 28 municpalities taking part in Gredos area)

- Devopment of ASTROTOURISM acoording to Regional Tourism Strategic Plan

short 2´05” video from TV CyL

www.cyltv.es/videoSH/52b5e94c-e3fb-462d-9b3f-2e097052259a/Certificacion-Startlight alojamientosengredos.es/la-sierra-de-gredos-declarada-reserva-starlight