During the third project Interregional Learning Event held in Braga, a participative session aimed to share and collect Good Practices has been video recorded. In fact, aim of the meeting was firstly to exchange initial Good Practices and also elements of Good Practices, opportunities for interregional cooperation and smart specialization strategy updates, accordingly to the project.

As for the specific, the Good Practices owners have provided a three-minute presentation about the three most popular innovation delivery categories pointed out by the partnership: 1) Innovation Climate and Business Ecosystem; 2) Science-Industry Cooperation; 3) Business R&D and Innovation.

By way of example, the table below reports links to three video presentations proposed during the meeting and selected on the basis of the different categories.

CategoryGood Practice
Innovation Climate and Business Ecosystem
PRODUTECH – Production Technologies Cluster
Science-Industry Cooperation COPT-Center (Center for Organic Production Technology)
Business R&D and Innovation

Catalogue of Qualified and Advanced Services for SMEs (Tuscany)