Local stakeholders exchanged on ambitious mobility projects for the Baia Mare Metropolitan Area
In the frame of an OptiTrans stakeholder support group meeting held on 29.06.2018 its members were updated on current mobility projects (either planned to be submitted or already submitted) under the Regional Operational Programme 2014 – 2020.
Baia Mare City intends to submit a project called “Increasing sustainable urban mobility in Baia Mare City by upgrading the public transport fleet”. The total project value is 17.458.169 euro and the estimate implementation time is until 2023. The main goal of the project is the purchase of 14 pieces of 12 meters hybrid solo busses, 7 articulate hybrid busses of 18 meters, 6 articulated hybrid trolley busses of 18 meters and 6 electric busses. 

The City of Baia Sprie has already filed a project called “Ensuring mobility in Baia Sprie City by upgrading the public transport system and making the central area pedestrian only”. The total value of the project is 4.303.883.354 euro and the estimated implementation time is 48 months. The main goal is to purchase a total of 9 hybrid busses of 12 meters with a completely downward floor on all available passenger space with a Euro 6 engine, and the rehabilitation of 2 bus stations which will be integrated in the historic architecture of the city. 
Moreover, Tăuții Măgherăuș City has submitted an application called „Carbon dioxide reduction in Tăuții Măgherăuș based on the Urban Mobility Plan”. The total project value is 1.441.457.23 euro and the estimated implementation time is 24 months. The main goal of the project is to purchase 4 hybrid busses for the urban transport routes serving the city, to create 4 bus stops and to promote equal opportunities for genders and non – discrimination by creating facilities for people with reduced mobility by ensuring access to public transport (the busses will be equipped with facilities for people with disabilities).
These projects play an important role in view of the upcoming elaboration of the future action plan on public transport for the area.

Cover image image by Solt at https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?title=User:Solt&action=edit&redlink=1