Digital Co-Creation in Pandemic Conditions: Evaluation Survey

In March 2020, the pandemic hit and limited face to face interactions. These physical meetings were taken for granted as a basis for co-creation, and had to be re-thought almost over night. This disruption saw the birth of new ways of working together and many distance-based collaborative tools for co-creation were put to use.

It did, however, leave us all with a feeling of uncertainty about the future and the role that open social innovation can play in regional development. But never questioning the need for engaging citizens – just finding new ways of doing it.

More research based good practices were needed to overcome this uncertainty, and that is why our project conducted an evaluation of the open social innovation activities in the shadow of COVID-19.

The study was carried out by Experience Lab of Åbo Akademi University in Finland, together with all project partners.

The study has two parts – a survey among the stakeholders in all partner regions and a semi-structured deep interview with key project staff and stakeholders.


The results from the study can be found here in the form of a report:

The results have also been made into a checklist for anybody that leads or facilitates co-creation and/or development processes and events in an online or hybrid form. The checklist can serve as a tool for all stages - before, during and after. It can be found here:

 We do hope that you will find this useful in your work, and please let us know if you need more information or have suggestions for improvement by contacting us on our social media channels.