A delegation from the Northern and Western regions of Ireland and the Podkarpackie of Poland are making a visit this week to study the greenways of the Region of Murcia, within the European project 'Our way: Conservation and protection of natural and cultural heritage through of the greenways', which is coordinated by the General Directorate of the European Union in collaboration with the Consortium of the Greenways of the Region of Murcia and the Institute of Tourism.

The participants visited the Northwest today and traveled as pilgrims the last section of the 'Camino de Levante' until they reached the Sanctuary of Vera Cruz, where they exchanged experiences with the mayor and members of the Consistory of Caravaca de la Cruz.

The Director General of the European Union, Adrián Zittelli, explained that "the delegation from Ireland and Poland is interested in studying the Greenways Consortium as a governance model and gaining in-depth knowledge of the management and linkage of the member municipalities with everything that surrounds to the greenways, to help export the Region's model to other areas of Europe”.

For his part, the general director of the Tourism Institute, Juan Francisco Martínez, highlighted "the importance of making greenways a resource for local communities and a means to protect and promote the territory's heritage."

This project is financed by the Interreg Europe program of the European Commission, through the Regional Development Fund.

The delegation participated on Tuesday in a conference held at the Tourism Institute, which was attended by the director generals of the European Union and the Tourism Institute, members of the General Directorate for the Natural Environment, the European Association of Greenways and representatives of the municipalities that are members of the Consorcio de las Vías, as well as different key agents in this field. At the event, the project partners had the opportunity to exchange experiences on the governance of greenways.