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Turning green and/or staying warm?


Turning green and/or staying warm? Addressing climate neutrality and energy...

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Tackling energy poverty in Bulgaria


Tackling energy poverty is the biggest challenge for Bulgaria on the path to a...

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Recommendation (EU) 2020/1563 - Energy Poverty


On October 27, 2020, the European Commission published the Commission's...

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POWERTY in PROSPECT's workshop sustainable financing


Ina Karova from EAP (Bulgaria) presented POWERTY project in PROSPECT's virtual...

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POWER i TY VLOG - Episode nº 1 - Clean Air program


POWER i TY is a Vlog about renewable energy, possible subsidies and news in the...

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POWERTY in the training course Social energy manager


Presentation of the POWERTY Project in the section on energy poverty of the...

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POWERTY project Steering Committee meeting


All partners have participated in the POWERTY Steering Committee meeting on 8th...

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POWERTY in 5th Energy & Climate Technical WG


POWERTY was presented in the 5th Energy and Climate Technical Working Group...

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POWERTY in the Just Energy conference


POWERTY was presented in the Just Energy conference, University of Westminster,...

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POWERTY in 3rd biennial conference


POWERTY was presented in the Third biennial conference of the Political Ecology...

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POWERTY project online meeting


POWERTY Project online meeting

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Multiple impacts of energy poverty (EPOV)


Report "The multiple impacts of energy poverty, and the multiple benefits of...

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