Interview with Ulrika Rylin about the Varberg Study visit experiences.

You can watch the full interview on Youtube or in our Library.

Please explain how your good practices contribute to achieve PROSPERA’s goals and how they could be considered effective/innovative?

"Hello, my name is Ulrika Rylin, and I am the project manager for the PROSPERA Project in Varberg.

We have just had our Study visit in Varberg with our Good practices. We chose our Good practices, because they had a wild range of leverages in the PROSPERA project. We thought that it was important to have good practice in each of the leverages of ecological value chains, public-private partnerships and from smart to wise government.

So we thought that wide range of leverages in our good practices was something that we wanted to have. And the Good practices we chose to present in the Study visit was Lassabacka landfill, Grasslands, Rural Development Village Strategy and the EMC and Arena project. We chose these good practices because we thought that they were good examples of effective practices that could be useful for the other countries in the project and there are some successful stories here in Varberg.

The Lassabacka landfill and the Grasslands have the leverage ecological value chains as a primary leverage. They have taught us a lot about the knowledge of the value of the natural heritage. They have given us tools to work with this and to appreciate the value especially of our Grasslands where we can describe and value our different environments in Grasslands and this we can use as a knowledge in our work ahead. And for Lassabacka we took an opportunity that was there, and we made it work for both natural cultural heritage and a place for recreation.

The Rural Village Development Strategy is a good example of from smart to wise governance. This has become an integrated part of our local policy making and has a positive effect and that is why we chose that good practice. It has also been an effective way to involve stakeholders, which is a big part of the PROSPERA project.

And the EMC and ARENA project is a good example of a public-private partnership and this public-private partnership of companies that want to be sustainable, that work together with the public side, the municipality and the region, and together we can make innovative solutions for a more sustainable future.

So, this is a bit of the background of why we chose our Good practices and why these Good practices are effective and innovative in the PROSPERA context."